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Stetson University's Web Publishing Code of Conduct

DeLand and Celebration Campuses

World Wide Web pages represent you as well as Stetson University, whether published as a department or as an individual. This access to and use of the Internet is a privilege and should be treated as such by all users of Stetson University's system.

Because electronic information is volatile and easily reproduced, respect for the work and personal expression of others is critical in computer environments. United States copyright and patent laws protect the interests of authors, inventors, and software developers in their products. Software license agreements serve to increase compliance with copyright and patent laws and to help insure publishers, authors, and developers of return on their investments. It is against federal law and University policy to violate the copyrights or patents of others on or through the Internet. Students, faculty, or staff may not use copyrighted or patented material without obtaining written authorization. Violations of authorial integrity, plagiarism, invasion of privacy, unauthorized access, and violations of trade secret or copyright laws violate University academic policy.

Freedom of expression, including computerized expression, is a constitutional right afforded to all members of the community. Stetson network users should realize that there are services available on the Internet which may be considered offensive. With this in mind, users must take responsibility for their own navigation of the Internet. Stetson requests that web home pages be published in an ethical manner that is consistent with the generally accepted decorum of civic and academic discourse.

Publishers and browsers of World Wide Web pages must not encourage, collaborate, or tolerate the violation of this code by any other person. It is the University's expectation that anyone with knowledge of violations or suspected violations report this information to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs or Information Technology.

Abuse of web publication privileges will be subject to disciplinary action and violators will be subject to the judicial procedures of the University as stated in the Campus Life Handbook and the Employee Handbook. Computing privileges may be temporarily suspended upon the discovery of a possible violation of this policy. This suspension will remain in effect until an appropriate hearing can be conducted and a determination can be made as to the violation.

These disciplinary actions may be taken against violators:

  1. Temporary suspension of computing privileges and documentation of violation in student's records or employee's personnel file.
  2. Permanent removal of computing privileges and violation documented in student's records or employee's personnel file.
  3. Academic probation with the forfeiting of privileges as stated in Stetson University's Student Code of Conduct, Article III, Judicial Policies.
  4. Academic suspension which includes the termination of enrollment for a specified period of time as stated in Stetson University's Student Code of Conduct, Article III, Judicial Policies.
  5. Academic expulsion which includes the termination of enrollment for an indefinite period of time as stated in Stetson University's Student Code of Conduct, Article III, Judicial Policies.

Gulfport and Tampa Campuses

Web authors, approvers and publishers at Stetson University College of Law are responsible for the content they post to any Stetson website, and they are expected to abide by the highest standards of professionalism.

Anyone who submits content to the Stetson Law website is expected to comply with all University and College of Law policies, including the following:

Violations of the above policies should be reported to the Communications Office.

Stetson Web authors should work to produce high-quality content by following these best practices:

  • Proofread and review content for accuracy, spelling, grammar, style, etc.
  • Preview your pages in a browser to make sure they appear as you expected.
  • Test your pages across other browsers and platforms including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mac Safari, and mobile devices, if possible.
  • Design pages for accessibility. Content in graphics may be completely lost, so use alt tags on all images. Whenever possible, post HTML content instead of PDFs or other downloadable files.
  • Keep your pages up to date. Set reminders on your calendar to check sites for accuracy.
  • Comply with all Stetson Law brand standards when using the logo or other official graphics.

Seriously though, you are required to read the "terms of use" and press the "I agree to terms" button to continue on.