The new version of Green Pages focuses on mobile friendliness and delivering a richer, more complete experience across devices. That is, much of the data included in search results is now clickable, allowing you to get more information just by clicking (or tapping, if you’re on a mobile device) on the result. For example, to find out where a building is located, just click/tap its name in the search results to see it on the campus map.

Key features include:

– Green Pages is now mobile friendly.

– Location-based searching. For example, if you’d like to search for Human Resources at the Gulfport campus, enter “Human Resources” as the search term and check just the Gulfport campus.

– The campus maps are now tied into the search results. Click/tap a building’s name to see where that building is located.

– Addresses are now tied to Google Maps. If you’re not sure where an office or person is located, just click/tap on the address to go to Google Maps.

– Faculty profiles are now tied into the Green Pages. Just click/tap a faculty member’s name to go to their profile.

– Complete directories of offices/departments can now be found by clicking on the name of the office/department or on the directory link (signified with an open book icon).

For questions about Stetson’s new Green Pages, contact