Please excuse our mess as we continue construction in the Commons. In just a few short days until we open the Commons for early arrivals, faculty and staff.

The Commons hours of operation 8/2 – 8/16

  • Breakfast 7am – 9am
  • Lunch 11am – 1pm
  • Dinner 5pm – 7pm

If you are responsible for one of the early arrival groups, please email Candra Reid (, Don Stanwick ( and myself ( with your group confirmation, roster, account number for billing, and your traditional meal times.  NOTE: Billing is based on an actual usage basis.

Date   Group
08.01.2013 RAs
08.02.2013 Athletics:   FB
08.06.2013 Athletics:   WS, VB
08.11.2013 FOCUS   Exec & Lead
Bonner Exec & Lead
International   Leaders
Athletics:   MS
08.13.2013 Athletics:   CH, XC
SWAT   & Hatter Prod
Wellness   & Rec
08.16.2013 HOME TEAM

Meet Our team

Paul Johnson, Senior Director of Dining Services

Don Stanwick,  Residential Dining Director

Candra Reid, Controller

Lindsey Bishop,  Marketing Director

Rebecca Williams, Catering Director

Chef Rainer, Executive Chef

We look forward to working with you all, please contact us with any questions!