The 2013 Stetson Showcase  judges have announced the 2013 Maris Showcase winners for this year.  They are:

Maris First Place:

Bekah Burket, Soil facilitated removal of triclosan (5-Chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)phenol) from neutral pH solution with practical applications for soil aquifer treatment systems

Rachel Snider, Curcumin Inhibits Activation of Toll-like Receptor 4 by Amyloid-Beta in Human Monocytes

Troy Norton, Reconnecting the Disconnected

Sarah Henderson, The Effects of Idealized Images versus Non-Idealized Images on Gender and Body Perception

Daniel Hoover, Social Stigma and Knowledge of Epilepsy in Undergraduate Students

Mary Beth Irvine, Character Education as a Method to Build Critical Thinking

Nathan Cox,  Kyle Campbell, Ryan Osborne and Luis Ocejo Bullish, Bearish, or Right in Between?

Eric Hall, A Dynamic Computational Study of Synaptic Integration in a Neuron


Honorable Mention:

Alexandra Pascu, [6]-Gingerol Inhibition of TLR4-dependent Inflammatory Response of Human Monocytes to Hyaluronic Acid

Elizabeth Pernicone, The Lateral Hypothalamus’ Roles in Controlling Feeding Behavior Through Modulation of Neuronal Activity in the Gustatory Brainstem

Jennifer Levoy, Imprints

Dan Duvall, A Part of the Machine: Digital Video

Jennifer Schmitt, Two Women in Conversation: a Blues Approach to May Ayim and Audre Lorde

Nikki Holtzer, An Analysis of the Economic Potential of the United States of America’s Recent Trade Agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia

Evan Chaput, Thriving Against Progress: The Florida Crackers of the Kissimmee River Valley

Kathryn-Hartikka, Taking a Stand: How Framing and Motivations Affects Student Social Justice Advocacy

Justin Bosco, Squeezing Profits: Projecting Revenue for Natural Juices

Tara Formisano, Phytochemical inhibition of MRP8/14-induced pro-atherosclerotic inflammation in human monocytes.

Congratulations to these students, and to all the students who presented this year.